Standard Plumbing Supply

Fast, Convenient Service

We don't waste your time. We originated the "Open Store" concept in wholesale plumbing in 1952. Grab what you need or have one of our experienced salespeople pull it for you. Time is your most valuable asset - and your biggest expense.

Technology That Works

Barcode scanners mean fast, accurate billing. Priced invoices mean you can bill your customer and make a profit. It all means we can serve you better. Want to know what your employees are purchasing? We can fax an immediate copy of your invoice. How about online ordering? Our online services make doing business easy. These are all free services to help you control your business.

Business Your Way

Our stores are neat, well-organized and full of friendly, helpful professionals. Mobile phones connect salespeople, managers and drivers to get you the answers you need right now. Even our delivery trucks tell your customers you do business with the best, and that's a nice reflection on you. We also provide filled job trailers for the extra large jobs you may have. It's a free service to our valuable customers.

Guaranteed Quality

We value your reputation for quality merchandise, and we work hard to maintain your loyalty by guaranteeing our quality. We stand behind our products - and behind you - in everything we sell.

Everyday Honest Pricing

You need the best price, all the time. without messing around with quotes or tricky discount schemes designed to hide your cost. We're committed to keeping your pricing consistent and just as promised. Credits are handled on the spot, not sometime later. As members of a national plumbing co-op, we pass our savings onto you. You get the lowest price possible… everyday.

Time-Saving Systems

Visit our website for real time information on pricing, inventory, and your account information. View our new catalog, order online or find detailed information such as item or purchase histories. Ask your salesman for details on obtaining a password. Our simplified system tells you exactly where you stand - right away. We'll have you out of the office and out on the job!

Convenient Locations

Waiting for deliveries costs you time and money, so we are conveniently located close to you. Sometimes that costs us alot. but it's worth it to earn your business by being where you need us - all the time.

Standard Plumbing Supply will celebrate 63 years of service this year. It was back in 1952 that Dale Reese originated an innovative concept in the wholesale plumbing business and went on to start a company that now serves eight western states.

Dale was born in 1924 just outside Logan, Utah. He graduated from Utah State University, furthered his education at Butler University in Indiana and finished his education with a Master degree from New York University, School of Retailing. Dale then went to work for Macy's and Gimbel's in New York City.

After awhile, Dale gave up his career in big-city retailing and returned to Utah. He went to work in Logan for a heating and plumbing contractor and there discovered that he could supply plumbers with materials. Soon after, Standard Plumbing Supply opened its doors on Wall Avenue in Ogden. To get a good price on supplies, Dale had to order from the West Coast and that led him go organize a trucking company.

Dale Reese, a pioneer and forerunner in concepts, saw a need to move beyond the standard self-serve, small and fast moving items at the counter and apply the theory to a full service stock yard operation. The Standard Plumbing family believes in "everybody's a winner". The same business practices of 1960 are applied today. The goal is to save time, keep cost down and pass the savings on to the customers. Dale changed the mind-set of his customers by selectively setting up several self-serve operations, in desirable locations, with the hope of having the customers come to him and it worked!

Richard N. Reese is the president and owner of Standard Plumbing Supply. Richard began his career in the plumbing industry by working on Saturdays with his father at Standard when he was eight years old. He started by helping fold boxes to put steel pipe nipples in. He continued to work in the family business until 1992 when his father retired and he bought the assets of the plumbing wholesale company from him. At that time there were 13 stores.

Today, Standard Plumbing has over 80 stores servicing eight states (Utah, Idaho, Oregon, California, Wyoming, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado). We provide residential and commercial plumbing, heating and cooling, and hydronics products to contractors, cities, states, schools, and the public.

Standard Plumbing Supply is unique in the industry due to innovative customer service. Richard's father originated the "Open Store" concept in the wholesale plumbing business. Whereby customers have the option to pull their own materials or have an associate do it for them. If the customer chooses to pull his own material he does not have to wait in lines for someone to help. Bar code scanners make for accurate billing. Invoices are priced and can be faxed or emailed to the customers' office immediately because of the sophisticated computer software Richard has developed.